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Socio-Economic Analysis

Socio-economic analysis is a core activity of A B Associates Ltd.  We specialise particularly in analysis of the impact of:

  • Infrastructure projects;
  • Community projects;
  • Area profiling; and
  • Rural and island development.


Our work in this area includes:

  • Detailed, accurate and sound data collection and analysis is essential regardless of the nature of the project or the research objectives.

    We have the resources to design questionnaires, conduct surveys and analyse data ranging from brief telephone interviews to reap a high return rate, to comprehensive in-depth forms designed to obtain large quantities of detailed information. We are committed to obtaining robust data and provide comprehensive analysis to meet, or even surpass clients’ requirements.

  • Economic planning and policy formulation rely on detailed and accurate baseline data, such as area profiles. These give detailed analysis into areas such as population, labour market, business composition and GDP and GVA. This initial research is fundamental because it ensures you can decide on the way forward from an informed position.

    We are highly experienced in area profiling, from the development of national statistics e.g. for Scotland, through to small local area profiles for isolated island communities.

  • Market Research is one of the most useful tools that can be used by any business or organisation in both public and private sectors. It has a variety of uses, from the testing of new products, to employment and customer satisfaction surveys, to social and opinion research.

    We are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative market research using a variety of research methods. The company managing director is a member of the Market Research Society and all survey work is carried out according to MRS guidelines.

  • In its broadest sense, impact assessment is the process of identifying the anticipated or actual impact of a development on social, economic and/or environmental factors which it may affect either directly or indirectly. A combined impact assessment is often necessary when looking at sustainable developments, as the social, economic and environmental factors are all interlinked.

    We have extensive experience of using a number of different methodologies including those in the Treasury Green Book for conducting economic impact assessments for a variety of projects ranging from large multi £million infrastructure projects e.g. new Container Port, New Arts/Music Centre, to small localised developments e.g. local museum.

  • Statistics is often referred to as: “the science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures.” We prefer; Statistics: “the art and science of collecting, analysing, presenting, and interpreting data.”

    We have undertaken a wide variety of statistical analysis for clients, particularly in relation to labour market assessment, area profiling, primary industries and the service sector. As a result we are experienced in handling and analysing large quantities of data and producing valuable insights, usable conclusions and recommendations.

  • Strategic and economic planning are ways to identify and deal with the main issues and challenges facing an area. The purpose of the strategic planning process is to determine what is needed to strengthen the economy and sustainability of an area, and the outcome of the process is likely to be a strategic long-range plan that will develop a vision, set goals, and put in place a costed action plan for an area.

    We provide a complete strategic and economic planning service to government and private sector clients. It includes devising new strategies and appraising, implementing, monitoring and evaluating existing ones. This can be done a European, national, regional or local level.

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