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Project Appraisal

Project appraisal is another area of specialism for A B Associates Ltd, particularly in relation to infrastructure projects, and business and community related developments.

The services detailed below lay out a process which we often go through with clients embarking on a new project however we can also carry out individual parts of the process as stand alone services.

We provide the following services in this field;

  • We use scoping exercises based on systematic and objective analysis as a starting point in project appraisal. The objective is to decipher the potentially valuable from the worthless from a range of project options. In other words, which should be subject to a more comprehensive appraisal and which should be rejected.

  • We take the commendable options identified in scoping exercises and consider each in greater detail to be left with the most feasible in terms of engineering, architecture, cost, economic cost/benefit, or environmental criteria. As this process often requires a multidisciplinary team, we use our resources and networks in order to provide a comprehensive and professional result to meet the needs of individual clients and projects. There are more details about this service here.

  • Do the benefits outweigh the costs? To assess the impact of a project, we use our wealth of knowledge and experience of economic, social and environmental impact assessments to analyse the project’s economic efficiency and effectiveness, and whether the decision to action is the best use of resources.

  • Unless it is possible to source adequate funding, in most cases, projects will not proceed. The company has considerable experience and knowledge of a wide range of funding sources from the EU through Government Schemes and The Lottery, to local enterprise companies and local authorities. We apply our experience to new projects and provide advice on the most likely options for individual clients. There are more details about this here.

  • Monitoring and evaluation comes as a combined package. Monitoring provides the raw data. Evaluation puts this raw data to use; giving it a function and value. Evaluation allows questions to be answered, recommendations to be made, and improvements to be suggested. Monitoring and Evaluation must occur at all stages of a project or programme to allow measurement and analysis of a project or programme before they start and during the lifetime of the project or programme. It also allows impact management, mitigation, it checks progress against plans, demonstrates accountability and informs future strategy and policy formulation.

    A B Associates Ltd provide a complete monitoring and evaluation service to government and private sector clients and have evaluated a range of projects and programmes including public policy. This has included devising and undertaking monitoring procedures and evaluating the results obtained at European, national, region and local levels. Our specialisation is the monitoring and evaluation of funding programmes. We have also set up monitoring and evaluation procedures and indicators that organisations can use by themselves.

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