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Intellectual Asset Management

Intellectual Asset Management is a further core activity of A B Associates Ltd. All businesses and organisations have and record tangible assets for example stock, cash, bank accounts, investments, land and buildings, equipment and vehicles. These assets are given a cash value, and will appear in their balance sheet.

However we all now operate in an era where intangible assets can provide competitive advantage for example patents, goodwill, knowledge, reputation, brands, staff expertise, networks, however these rarely appear on the balance sheet. Therefore businesses and organisations need to give greater consideration to these “Intellectual Assets” (IA), for example in terms of how they record and protect them, and also what value lies within them.

We are contracted by the Intellectual Assets Centre (IAC) in Glasgow to provide advice on Intellectual Asset Management to businesses throughout Scotland. The IA Centre is a first, in Scotland and indeed in Europe, a unique centre created to assist businesses in deriving value from their IA. Supported by the Scottish Government, the Centre was developed in response to the demand from businesses to learn more about their IA.

In addition to providing one off workshops and presentations, and more intensive 1:1 business coaching, we have operated sector specific development programmes known as VIA (Valuing Intellectual Assets). This is a comprehensive and innovative programme of facilitated support, run in conjunction with the IAC, designed to assist businesses to improve their performance, stimulate growth and investment, and develop business and marketing skills.

VIA also aims to make businesses more aware of the market and business environment they operate in and provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to assist them to move towards a more sustainable and market focused business. We previously operated this programme within the ICT sector, and are currently redefining it for use within the food and drink sector, for a project to run during 2011.