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Industrial and Sectoral Analysis

A B Associates Ltd has specialisms in economic reviews and labour market analysis, and have carried out a variety of projects within our core activities which have involved a range of industries and sectors including;

• Primary particularly, fisheries and agriculture
• Manufacturing particularly, food processing and textiles,
• Services particularly, tourism, transport, childcare, retailing and rural services


We provide the following services in this field:

  • Assessing the current situation and potential future development for industry and service sectors can be extremely valuable to national and local government departments, industry representatives and businesses. It can shed light on strengths and weaknesses, result in realignment of policy, and/or lead to changes or improvements at industry or individual business level.

    We have substantial expertise in this type of analysis including identifying and describing the characteristics and scale of a particular sector, defined its social, economic and environmental impact, and recommending key actions needed to positively influence policy and growth.

  • Accurate labour market data from reliable sources, coupled with well-defined analysis, is key to comprehending trends in unemployment and social exclusion issues. Unemployment trends in turn can be an indicator of underlying social and economic issues.

    The company can provide labour market analysis from national down to parish or ward level, or for individual projects, sectoral studies or EU related developments.

  • To grow and prosper, every area needs some form of economic development to help it adapt to change and meet new economic circumstances.

    The company has a good track record of analysing local and regional economies and the effects of new developments or of changes. Our experience means we have an excellent understanding of how local economies work. We also recognise the importance of thorough knowledge of the area being analysed through statistical analysis to be able to provide sound advice in order to achieve best value for money and ensure maximum benefit.

  • We have undertaken Input/Output studies of local economies in conjunction with academic partners at the Fraser of Allander Institute and the Business School of the Aberdeen University and developed multipliers based on the interactions and flows between sectors. These have been invaluable in providing another tool for conducting impact assessments at local level.

  • We have developed one of the first, if not the first, model for analysing the impact of the tourism sector at a local level. This was based on the tables developed at national level; modified and adapted to local circumstances and the results from local Input/Output tables. This provides a much more comprehensive and accurate assessment of the value of tourism in a local economy than the other more simplistic methods used.

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