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Funding Packages

A B Associates LTD has considerable experience and knowledge of a wide range of grant and loan funding sources from the EU through Government Schemes, The Lottery, local enterprise companies, local authorities, banks and private or charitable benefactors. This experience includes:-

• Investigation of funding options
• Completion of funding applications
• Lobbying on behalf of projects
• Completing and monitoring funding claims
• Business advice and support services

We have worked on funding packages on behalf of private businesses, community groups and public sector organisations, and apply our extensive knowledge and of experience to provide advice and assistance aimed at securing a complete funding package for the project.

To date our company has secured over £11,000,000 of grant finance for projects, which has resulted in a total investment in excess of £23,000,000.

Work associated with funding package development has also included business and development plans feasibility studies, and other supporting documentation. Therefore we can provide additional support if required, in order to facilitate and support our funding package services.


Listed below are details of some funding sources we have utilised for clients in the past.

  • The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) helps stimulate economic development and regeneration in the least prosperous regions of the European Union. The European Commission (EC) has set down three objectives which funding is targeted to meet:

    • Convergence
    • Regional Competitiveness
    • European Territorial Co-operation

    We have completed a range of ERDF applications including securing funding on behalf of the Shetland Islands Council for the Fetlar Pier project, funding for the Sellafirth Business Park, funding to expand a museum in Sandwick and the creation of the new Fair Isle Bird Observatory.

  • The European Fisheries Fund (EFF) is intended to help secure a sustainable and profitable fisheries industry. It will grant financial support during the period 2007 to 2013, to aid the industry adapt to changing economic circumstances. To implement the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) the EFF may grant financial support to meet the economic, environmental and social goals in order to:
    • ensure the long-term suture of fishing activities and the sustainable use of fishery resources;
    • reduce pressure on stocks by matching EU fleet capacity to available fishery resources;
    • promote the sustainable development of inland fishing;
    • help boost economically viable enterprises in the fisheries sector and make operating structures more competitive;
    • foster the protection of the environment and marine resources;
    • encourage sustainable development and improve the quality of life in areas with an active fishing industry;
    • promote equality between women and men active in the fisheries sector.

    Since the programme opened to EFF project applications on 15 September 2008, A B Associates have aided the completion of 8 processed applications, all of which have been successful, securing over £1.14m for 7 local companies and one based on the Scottish mainland. A further 16 applications seeking £16m in funding are currently being processed. A B Associates also assisted the completion of more than 50 FIFG applications under the previous programme which secured almost £5m funding for local companies.

  • These funds are distributed through programmes run by national governments. The government appoints the Managing Authority whose task at project management level is to inform potential beneficiaries of how to get support, which rules apply and what EU contribution is available. In Scotland, this is being done under The Rural Development Strategy; a programme which is seeking to:
    • Support business viability, add value to the rural economy and facilitate increased market orientation.
    • Support a coherent and integrated approach to meet environmental objectives.
    • Encourage private enterprise and entrepreneurship, improve services and infrastructure at local level and support Scotland’s cultural opportunities.
    • Support capacity building and innovation.

    We have been successful in obtaining funding for 2 significant community projects under the Rural Development Programme.  An example of one of these can be found in work we did for the Fair Isle Bird Observatory Trust where we secured nearly £2m SRDP funding.

  • We produced the Rural Development Strategy and Leader Business Plan for Shetland which was successful in bringing funding to Shetland to be managed by the local group. We are also a member of the local Leader Group and provide ongoing services to the group.

  • There are different individual funds here which we have experience of such as the Heritage Lottery, Sports Lottery and Arts Lottery funds as well as The Big Lottery. Currently, The Big Lottery has various funds which can be applied to; Village SOS, The Secret Millionaire Fund, Awards for All, Life Skills Project, Heroes Return and 2014 Communities.

  • There are a number of other sources of funding under ongoing and one off schemes which we use for clients such as energy related projects, community regeneration funds, social exclusion and research and development.

A B Associates Ltd have prepared several funding packages, click here to view some project summaries.