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European Affairs

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European Affairs is a major area of specialisation for A B Associates Ltd. Our company has carried out an extensive range of European related work on a wide variety of issues including:

  • Providing EU information services,
  • Completing EU funding applications, lobbying and claim work,
  • Working with European institutions,
  • Lobbying, presenting cases for change in policy and funding
  • Reviewing EU legislation,
  • Development of EU related programmes at a regional level
  • Assessing the impact of EU programmes at a regional level

We have undertaken work in relation to the following programmes:

  • Highlands & Islands campaigns for NPCI, 5b & Obj 1 and Transition Status
  • Regional Development Plans in Malta and Gozo
  • ERDF – Structural Fund Programmes
  • ESF – Structural Fund Programmes
  • EAGGF/EARDF/SRDP – Agriculture and Rural Development Programmes
  • FEOGA/FIFG/EFF – Fisheries Programmes
  • LEADER 1,11, + Programmes
  • Fisheries Interregional Cooperation Programme
  • RETEX, – Textile Programme
  • Fisheries Plans for EFF Programme in Poland
  • IACI – Intelligent Energy Programme

We have worked for a number of EU Institutions and related bodies including:

  • Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions
  • Islands Commission
  • North Sea Commission
  • Islenet – European Islands Energy and Environment Network
  • European Parliament – Fisheries Committee
  • Committee of Regions
  • Ecosoc – Economic and Social Committee

We provide the following services in this field:

  • Informed policy advice is essential for sound strategic and economic planning, and effective policy formulation.

    The company offers policy advice at every level for both public and private sector clients. We produce well researched in-depth analysis of trends and current practice and evaluate the impacts of policies and management decisions. We can devise and evaluate future policy and its consequences in a local, regional and European context.

    Successful strategic policy-making depends on two factors; understanding and performance. In practice, this means knowing the correct concepts that are needed, and how to implement them properly.

    We provide consultancy, research and analytical services to government and private sector clients on public policy formulation issues that include development of reports, and papers on a variety of issues at European, national, regional and local levels. Policy papers tend to be wordy, however, we specialise in short, clear and readable papers to enable political and administrative agents to see rapidly what the crux of the matter is so that they can make effective decisions.

  • Visit our Funding Packages page for more detailed information on funding advice and application preparation from a range of sources including the EU.

  • We can provide both one off and ongoing support to an agency or company seeking to be kept up to date with the latest intelligence, especially “inside” information, or seeking to lobby to influence policy change.

  • We can provide a comprehensive information and intelligence service across a range of subject areas and provide briefing and background research papers on an ongoing basis as well as technical support and setting up meetings with key people in the European institutions.
  • Other specialisms include
    • Policy Advice on Maritime Safety Issues
    • Technical Advice on Fisheries Issues
    • Evaluation of Energy Funding Applications

Click here to see some example of work we have done in this area.