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Our Mission Statement

“To provide high quality, cost effective, value for money services to public and private sector clients throughout the UK, Europe and further afield within the general areas of socio-economic and business development, Intellectual Asset Management, European Affairs and other related activities.”

Our Mission Statement sets out the scope and aim of the company as well as giving a flavour of its ethos.  It provides the framework for the work of the company and its employees through its strategic objectives, and is supported by a healthy portfolio of satisfied clients whom we have assisted with a variety of projects in keeping with our skills and specialisms. Click here to see what some of our clients have said about us.


Strategic Objectives

Our company is committed to providing a high quality service, with the aim of ensuring the client feels that they have received the best possible advice and are completely satisfied their money has been well spent.  Thus the key strategic objective of our company is: -

“to provide the highest standard of service possible at all times and to ensure complete customer satisfaction”

Our company aims to meet this key strategic objective through: -

  • Operating quality control systems, to ensure all deadlines are met, trigger points actioned and work thoroughly checked before delivery to clients.
  • Working closely with clients at all times
  • Ensuring the client is fully aware of the company’s standard terms and conditions.
  • Ensuring the tender and remuneration for any task or contract is fully understood by the client before work commences
  • Being objective and professional in our approach to all tasks and work at all times.
  • Being frank and honest with clients, even when they may not welcome the advice given.
  • Being extremely thorough and exhaustive in analytical work, and ensuring all options have been considered.
  • Observing strict confidentiality with regard to all information and intelligence concerning the affairs of our clients, unless the client has given express consent for specific disclosure.
  • Completing all work within the time schedule agreed, unless modified with the consent of the client due to circumstances beyond the control of the company.
  • Ensuring all staff are fully trained and competent in any work being carried out for clients.
  • Keeping pace with new developments, techniques and technology.
  • Being aware of the impact our company has on the environment, as well as the projects being worked on, and taking action to minimise any negative impacts and maximise beneficial effects.