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Intellectual Assets

Introduction to Intellectual Assets Management Event

We recently held an intellectual assets workshop and clinic sessions for local businesses and organisations. We delivered a presentation that covered an introduction to intellectual assets, their identification and management and held one to one consultations to provide more detailed information on participants’ individual intellectual asset management needs.

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Valuing Intellectual Assets in Software Companies (VIA)

This was a European funded programme run by the Intellectual Assets Centre delivered to companies based in the Highlands and Islands and was to “effectively illustrate how companies can use and reuse their existing intellectual assets to influence strategy and enhance product development”.  There were around 20 businesses in the programme that started in the summer of 2008 and lasted untill March 2009.  Each company recieved three one to one consultancy sessions and attended three workshops.

The text below has been extracted from some of the lessons learned and actions taken by companies as result of taking part in the programme:

Lessons learned

  • Need to review marketing strategy and make significant changes
  • Realisation that the company has greater IA value than thought initially
  • Need to allocate more staff time to R&D, new product development, and setting up processes for new product development

Action Taken

  • Brand image, logos, names, and colour schemes rationalised as well as web site enhanced and updated
  • Decision to set up internal R&D role and dedicate resources to develop new ideas into products
  • Introducing more protections for IA through copyright and TM
  • Recognition and formalisation of less tangible IA in company processes
  • Development and IA value of an old customised product discovered and transferred to new product development protfolio

Participating companies have seen great benefits of taking part in the programme; for some it has helped crystalise and clarify the best direction and action for them, internal processes have been refined and plans have changed radically over the course of the programme.  The programme enabled companies to move more confidently into a new phase of development and to get their products to the market place quicker.