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Business Development

Scalloway Harbour Dredging

This study was to develop a Business Case for the dredging of an access channel to Scalloway Harbour, Shetland to 9.5m depth. The project involved finding evidence of current levels of activity and vessels using Scalloway Harbour, and those that could be attracted to use Scalloway if sufficient depth was available. It was also required to gather intelligence from SIC Ports and Harbours and industry sources. This data was then translated into income to the harbour as well as any other wider economic benefits from other supplies and services required by these additional vessels e.g. crew changes, repairs/engineering services, etc. The income data generated was then fed into a NPV model to set against the capital cost of the project to arrive at a whole life Cost and Benefit Analysis.

Business Plan preparation for Sandwick Social and Economic Development Company

Sandwick: Sandsayre Pier, Hoswick Visitor Centre, Sandsayre Waiting Room This is an example of our work with community groups who are trying to revive the fortunes of a small village that has seen a number of adverse changes.  The project involved developing a marketing plan, a management and personnel plan, developing a funding package and a model to measure and monitor performance.

Music Venue Stage 1 Lottery Application and Business Plan 2005

Artists Impression of Mareel - Shetland's new Cinema and Music Venue - Picture: Shetland Arts and Gareth Hoskins Architects This project included preparation of a funding package for a £6 million project and to produce a business plan for the operation of a new Cinema and Music Venue in Lerwick, Shetland with several scenarios to establish a breakeven point and possible level of ongoing support required.

Shetland Seafood Auctions Business Plan

Shetland Seafood Auctions Logo This involved securing funding from the European Fisheries Fund for a new venture and production of a business plan to guide its operation in individual years.

Preliminary Assessment of Tearoom project in Walls

Preliminary analysis of the potential for the provision of a tearoom facility in a rural area of Mainland Shetland.  It examined the demand for a tearoom in the area in the context of existing and proposed provisions, and assessed the likely impact on the adjacent shop.

Shetland Rural Development Advisers Business Plan

Shetland Rural Centre Involved creating plans for marketing, premises, management and personnel, finance and a performance measuring and monitoring plan with objectives and targets. 

Abattoir Business Plan

SLMG Logo A B Associates Ltd were commissioned to produce a business plan from proposals for a privately run abattoir in Shetland.  The business plan included provision of advice for planning and plans for management and personnel and financial projections.

Shetland Oil Storage Depot Study

Lerwick Oil DepotThis work was done in conjunction with Arch Henderson LLP, Civil and Structural Engineers, Architects and CDM Co-ordinators and involved looking at the existing arrangements of facilities for supply, storage and distribution of fuels in Shetland.  An audit of recent trends and market analysis was carried out before discussions with companies and agencies to generate a range of different options.  An options appraisal was carried out with using a matrix analysis of the key factors and the pros and cons of each one.  This was followed by a review of the project economic and financial aspects and possible funding options then ended with plans and costings for the preferred option.

Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Artists Impression of the new Fair Isle Bird Observatory designed by Synergie ScotlandIn the first instance, A B Associates carried out an options appraisal followed by a feasibility study examining proposals to build a new bird observatory or Fair Isle.  A B Associates were also commissioned to develop a business plan beginning with analysis of the current usage of the facility, SWOT analysis and assessment of the economic and social impacts of the project.  Plans for promotion and marketing, management and training, infrastructure, legal requirements and finance were all developed as part of the business plan.  Following this a funding package was developed, sourcing funds from a great variety of sources including HIE Shetland, Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Islands Charitable Trust, Shetland Amenity Trust, SNH, Lottery, ERDF and other trusts.  The total cost was £4 million.  A B Associates was responsible for overseeing and managing the whole process.

Grieg Seafoods

Artists impression of LFT extension from the Air A B Associates has carried out a wide range of projects over a number of years for several of the companies within this group.  This has included producing a business plan, sourcing a funding package for Lerwick Fish Traders in order to create a new value added processing factory with overflow.

Lerwick Childcare Centre Business Plan

Plans to renovate old Lerwick Infant School into new Childcare CentreThis report was compiled on behalf of the Shetland Childcare Partnership.  The first stage of the study was to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the sector locally followed by developing plans for development of the centre around issues such as a site/building to house the centre, use of space, staffing, fee rates.  An analysis of demand and potential demand was carried out based on three scenarios as well as analysis of competition.  Targets with timescales were drawn up and a plan for management and personnel was created.