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We have built a strong network of formal and informal links with other established consultants from within the UK, EU and further afield whom we can undertake projects with on a joint basis.  This supplements the skills base of the organisation for specialist projects while joint collaboration enhances skills development within the company.

Listed below are just some of the people we have worked with in the past, and their area of expertise:

  • Steve Westbrook - Economic Analysis, Independent Consultant
  • Alastair Hamilton – Tourism/Promotion/Heritage, Independent Consultant
  • Dennis Geldard - Skills Development, Independent Consultant
  • Nick Groves Raines – Conservation Architect, Groves Raines Architects Ltd
  • Michael Ellis – Intellectual Property, Ellis IP Ltd
  • Beth Vokurka – Intellectual Assets, Imaginary Plane Ltd
  • Alan McKay – Architect, Independent Consultant