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A B Associates Ltd is a well established forward thinking and dynamic company. We endeavour to meet the needs of all our clients from multinational companies and organisations, to small community groups and self employed individuals. We provide clients in the UK, and beyond with high quality, confidential, professional advice, analysis and assistance in a range of project areas, and we believe our flexible, individual approach to our clients needs is one of our great strengths.

We offer a range of cost-effective services varying from ongoing support and intelligence such as panel research on a retained basis, to one-off projects, briefing notes and advice, training and event organisation. In addition as we are currently advisers for other agencies e.g. the Business Gateway and the Intellectual Assets Centre.  We are used to being called on to provide services in a flexible manner often at short notice, and/or to a tight timescale. It is therefore normal practice for us to tailor our services to meet the needs of our client. Our service areas include but are not limited to;

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We have undertaken work for many public agencies such as the Local Councils, HIE, the Scottish and other National Governments, as well as EU bodies.  In addition we have assisted community organisations, social enterprises, as well as small, medium and large private businesses, in a range of sectors. These include fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture and food, renewables, tourism, retail, childcare, and transport.

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The members of our team possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to provide clients with the best available information and advice to support them in achieving their objectives.  Where additional specialist knowledge is required to undertake a project, we join forces with members of our extensive network of associates which include public agencies, academic institutions and other experienced consultants. 

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As a business, we are committed to operating on an ethically and environmentally sound basis.  As a result we acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and run our business accordingly, recycling and sourcing environmentally sustainable materials where possible.  

We have a high standard of quality management systems in place, including stringent internal QMS processes.  We were recommended as a bench mark company for IIP, and are currently working towards ISO 9000 recognition.  Monitoring and reporting processes are key to our QMS systems, and projects are reviewed daily by project staff, as well as weekly at our staff meetings, and every 6 weeks by the Directors. 

We operate a flexible working system which enables us to be more responsive to client needs in order to provide services at short notice often out with normal office hours.  In addition we have a state of the art intranet system which allows staff remote access to our data server from any location.  This gives additional flexibility in terms of work location and timing, and allows full access to data whilst on-site with clients.

The company and its staff are also committed to common goals and values.  We strive for quality based on our expertise, good corporate culture and working environment, and achieving the best possible outcomes for clients.  Honesty, trust and respect are the core values and we show enthusiasm in our work and in co-operation with others.